Going road-tripping with the family and car insurance quotes

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Road trips are an iconic part of American culture, yet some families avoid them due to fears that a fun vacation could instead become an exhausting nightmare. Long drives don’t have to be stressful as long as you plan a great route ahead of time. Here are some of the top American road trips, with tips for how to enjoy the ride.

Taking a trip down California Highway 1


The Most Popular Cars Shown in the Movies

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Throughout the years of movies and television, it is not just the actors that have made it into our hearts but also a few “sweet rides” that have captivated their audiences. Most people have spent at least a few short moments wishing they could drive one of them or maybe wondering where they are now.

Herbie, the Love Bug


Vegas Police No Longer Have to Respond to Minor Accidents, and Cheap Car Insurance Could be Affected

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Las Vegas is changing the law in regards to auto accidents, and it could have an effect on car insurance companies. The new law goes into effect this week and prohibits police officers from responding to fender benders or other minor automobile accidents.

Prior to this law, police offers were using more than 250 man hours each week responding to minor traffic accidents. The hope is that this new law will give police offers more time to focus on more important calls and police matters.


Types of policies and cheap auto insurance

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If you’re new to auto insurance, one of the most important things you need to learn is the fact that there are different policy types available. And depending on the type you choose the chance for obtaining cheap auto insurance is altered significantly. The choice of the right policy type usually depends on your current situation and insurance needs. So when shopping for a new policy make sure to choose from the following according to your exact requirements:

Third party liability


Tips on getting the best auto insurance quotes

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We’re all used to getting very expensive auto insurance quotes from very different providers. It’s not surprising to see a person paying several thousand dollars for insuring a single car these days. And while such outrageous prices are often explained by insurers through a multitude of factors ranging from bad economy to fuel prices, it is surely unacceptable to pay part of the car’s entire cost for keeping it insured for only a year. And while the obligatory nature of auto insurance can surely get on one’s nerves, there are many effective solutions to making it a lot more affordable. Here are some tips on how to do that:

Shop around


How to Get More Money from Selling Your Car

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If you are looking to sell your car rather than trade it in, you definitely want to get the most money that you can. Here are some tips to help you put more cash in your pocket when dealing with a private buyer rather than a dealership.

Spruce it Up


Auto insurance shouldn’t be expensive

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We all dream about having cheap auto insurance. But the reality often gives us something very different from “affordable”. Insurance companies tend to increase their rates on a yearly basis explaining the hikes through bad economy, high claim rates, gas price fluctuations and so on. And what we end up paying is sometimes a good portion of the car’s current market price, just for insuring it. This is certainly annoying, to say the least, knowing that there’s no way we can drive without insurance without breaking the law. But is it really impossible to get cheap auto insurance or we all have to pay enormous amounts of money just to comply with the regulations? As it turns out, auto insurance shouldn’t be expensive at all. Learn it yourself on www.cheapinsurance.com

The thing with auto insurance is that the companies will want to sell you their most expensive products by making it look as if your life depends on it. When dealing with insurance it’s not that hard to do, actually, since the companies are exploiting the fear of loss and liability associated with car accidents. But when you come to think of it with a really cool head, do you really need all the coverage they are trying to sell you? Sure, having comprehensive coverage may sound like a good option, especially if you tend to get a lot of parking scratches or falling tree branches during windstorms. Yet, when it comes to all these coverage options you should think about the actual probability of an event taking place. Car accidents are common, it’s true. But their likelihood also depends on how heavy the traffic is in the area you usually drive. Uninsured drivers can also present a problem, but certainly not in an area with a low share of such drivers. Flood coverage may sound useful but only to those living in an area with a high risk of flood. You get the point, right?


Why using auto insurance quotes is so important

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You have probably seen hundreds of sites offering you to compare auto insurance quotes. Sometimes it can even get annoying a bit. But have you ever wondered why everyone’s so hyped about comparing quotes online? What is that makes online comparison of quotes so superior to all other forms of insurance comparison shopping? The answer is very simple, actually – using auto insurance quotes online let you compare the offers from nearly every insurer in your area within just a few minutes. If you have ever tried shopping around through an agent, by phone or visiting the insurer’s office, you probably understand how fast “a few minutes” really is. But it’s not just about speed.

The most important implication of online auto insurance quotes comparison is the possibility to compare the offers from different companies. If you’re new to auto insurance this may sound like not a big deal at all. “They all charge the same”, you might think. But it’s the biggest misconception the customers tend to share about auto insurance. The truth is that each company has its own ways of calculating rates and the same policy will cost you a different amount of money simply depending on the company you choose. That’s why comparison shopping is crucial for anyone willing to save some money on auto insurance. And it’s impossible to shop around without having auto insurance quotes to compare. Our Smart Guide explains how.


Finding Cheap Home Insurance Following a Natural Disaster

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It seems we are experiencing more natural disasters than ever before. The cost of these disasters is in the billions when it comes to home insurance claims. If you have survived a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake in recent years, you know that having great coverage is invaluable. You also know that finding cheap home insurance following natural disasters can be challenging.

Determining Quality of Current Poly


Cheap Auto Insurance: The Best Time to Buy a Car

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Many people are looking for great deals when they buy a car. Whether they are hunting for a new or used vehicle, they want to know they are getting the best value for their money. It’s no secret that some times of the year are better to buy than others:

  • Most car salespeople are trying to meet monthly quotas so the end of the month is a great time to look at cars, especially new ones. Salespeople are more likely to give you better discounts to get that sale.
  • Sales at the end of the year are even better for buyers. In addition to the advertised deals, they can often negotiate other discounts. Dealers are trying to meet annual quotas and salespeople are trying to earn annual bonuses based on their sales. Plus, dealers have to make way for the new models and they don’t want to carry extra inventory through the end of the year.
  • End of quarter is another good time to buy. Dealers have to report what they’ve sold and they want it to look as impressive as possible.


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